Trade Unionists Guide on information and consultation

If you are involved in information and consultation, the present guide aims to provide you with a handy support with information on your rights and tips to remind you what you have to pay attention to. The guide mainly (but not exclusively) deals with information and consultation at the national level.

The present guide is based on the findings of the surveys and workshops undertaken in the framework of the DG Employment projects INVOLVE and STRENGTHENING INVOLVEMENT, under the leadership of OBES in Greece, as well as on the experience gathered from many cases of information and consultation at company level.

We intend that this guide is used transnationally. This means that we consciously omitted to include elements of national legislation or national trade union movement traditions, which nevertheless constitute a powerful constituent and tool and which you have never to forget, when conducting information and consultation.

Download the Trade Unionist Guide on Information and Consultation (pdf format)

This toolkit has been developed in the framework of the project STRENGTHENING INVOLVEMENT and extended through project NEW CHALLENGES. The projects were implemented in 2018 - 2020 and were funded by DG Employment of the European Commission. You can find more information about the projects at and